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A name no chap would change (6)


I believe the answer is:


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Here is my best explanation:

'a name no chap would change' is the definition.
I don't know anything about this answer so I can't tell whether it can be defined by this definition.

'name no chap would change' is the wordplay.
I cannot quite see how this works, but
'name' could be 'n' (common abbreviation e.g. on forms) and 'n' is found in the answer.
'no' could be 'o' (resembles 0 - 'no' can mean 'zero') and 'o' is found within the answer.
an anagram of 'chap' is 'pach' which is present in the left over letters.
This accounts for all the letters.
This explanation may well be incorrect...

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This clue was last seen in Evening Standard