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Boycott Government opponent over a little bit of flak (5)


I believe the answer is:

I'm a little stuck... Click here to teach me more about this clue!

'boycott' is the definition.
Both the answer and definition are singular nouns.
Perhaps they are linked in a way I don't understand?

'government opponent over a little bit of flak' is the wordplay.
'government' becomes 'g' (abbreviation for government).
'opponent' becomes 'foe' (I've seen this before).
'over' says the letters should be written in reverse.
'a little bit of' suggests taking the first letters (the smallest possible amount of the word).
The first letter of 'flak' is 'f'.
'foe' backwards is 'eof'.

Can you help me to learn more?

(Other definitions for geoff that I've seen before include "Fellow", "Chap".)