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Came slowly out of a doze, besotted with love (5)


I believe the answer is:


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'came slowly' is the definition.
The answer and definition can be both to do with motion as well as being past participle verbs.
Perhaps they are linked in a way I don't understand?

'a doze besotted with love' is the wordplay.
'besotted with' indicates anagramming the letters.
'love' becomes 'o' (love means zero in tennis).
'doze' mixed up with 'o' gives 'OOZED'.

'out of' is the link.

Can you help me to learn more?

(Other definitions for oozed that I've seen before include "Exuded" , "Leaked out slowly" , "Seeped" .)

I've seen this clue in the Evening Standard.
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