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Corrupt drug firm probes what may be gleaned from competition? (7)


I believe the answer is:


'what may be gleaned from competition?' is the definition.
(a rosette may be won in a competition)

'corrupt drug firm probes' is the wordplay.
'corrupt' becomes 'rot'.
'drug' becomes 'e' (E is another name for ecstasy).
'firm' becomes 'set' (both can mean fixed).
'probes' indicates putting letters inside.
'rote' placed around 'set' is 'ROSETTE'.

(Other definitions for rosette that I've seen before include "Arrangement of ribbons presented as a prize" , "shape for diamonds" , "Ribbon prize or badge" , "Flower-like badge" , "Political supporter's ribbon" .)

I've seen this clue in The Independent.
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