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More work -- increased touring to Italy and America (6)


I believe the answer is:


'more work' is the definition.
(work by Sir Thomas More)

'increased touring to italy and america' is the wordplay.
'increased' becomes 'up' (something that's up has increased or risen).
'touring' is an insertion indicator (touring can mean going round).
'italy' becomes 'i'.
'and' is a charade indicator (letters next to each other).
'america' becomes 'a' (common abbreviation - e.g. in organisation names).
'up' going around 'to' is 'utop'.

(Other definitions for utopia that I've seen before include "Idealised place" , "Thomas More's perfect society" , "Eden" , "Place of ideal perfection" , "More's ideal world" .)

I've seen this clue in The Telegraph.
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