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Pack including second two cards — one's worn (7,6)


I think it could be either:

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smoking jacket

'one's worn' is the definition.

'pack including second two cards' is the wordplay.
'two cards' can mean two substitutions for 'card'.
'pack' becomes 'set'.
'including' indicates putting letters inside.
'second' becomes 'mo' (both are short periods of time).
'card' becomes 'king' (king is a kind of card**).
'card' becomes 'jack' (type of playing card).
'set' placed around 'mokingjack' is 'SMOKING JACKET'.

(Other definitions for smoking jacket that I've seen before include "piece of attire" , "Garment for puffers" , "Soft short coat for a man - Jack's gnome kit (anag)" .)

I've seen this clue in The Guardian.
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