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Performer takes action to return in Hamlet ? (8)


I believe the answer is:

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'performer' is the definition.
(danseuse is a kind of performer)

'action to return in hamlet ?' is the wordplay.
'action' becomes 'sues' (I can't explain this - if you can you should give a lot more credence to this answer).
'to return' is a reversal indicator.
'in' is an insertion indicator.
'hamlet ?' becomes 'dane' (Hamlet is a famous Dane).
'sues' written backwards gives 'seus'.
'seus' put inside 'dane' is 'DANSEUSE'.

'takes' acts as a link.

Can you help me to learn more?

(Other definitions for danseuse that I've seen before include "Ballet girl", "Ballerina", "artiste", "Performer", "ballet company member".)