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Work to import exotic rum creates commotion (7)


I believe the answer is:


'commotion' is the definition.
(I know that turmoil is a type of commotion)

'work to import exotic rum' is the wordplay.
'work' becomes 'toil' (toil is a kind of work).
'to import' indicates putting letters inside.
'exotic' is an anagram indicator (an unusual form of the letters).
'rum' with letters rearranged gives 'urm'.
'toil' enclosing 'urm' is 'TURMOIL'.

'creates' acts as a link.

(Other definitions for turmoil that I've seen before include "Sturm und Drang" , "Wild disorder" , "Pandemonium" , "Disquiet" , "State of great commotion or disturbance" .)

I've seen this clue in The Telegraph.
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