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Hit film comedy, Garfunkel, followed by second half of biblical epic (6)


I believe the answer is:


'hit film comedy' is the definition.
(1981 film)

'garfunkel followed by second half of biblical epic' is the wordplay.
'garfunkel' becomes 'art' (Art Garfunkel of Simon and Garfunkel).
'followed by' is a charade indicator (letters next to each other).
'second half of' means to take half the letters (the back or second half of the word).
'biblical epic' becomes 'Ben Hur' (Ben Hur A Tale of the Christ, novel by Lew Wallace).
'benhur' halved is 'hur'.

(Other definitions for arthur that I've seen before include "See 21" , "Chester in the eighteen hundreds?" , "Greed" , "Legendary king of Camelot." , "(Legendary?) English king" .)

I've seen this clue in The Guardian.
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