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I hand over beer in metric weight for African challenger? (11)


I believe the answer is:


'african challenger?' is the definition.
(African mountain climbed as a challenge)

'i hand over beer in metric weight' is the wordplay.
'hand' becomes 'man' (both can mean a worker).
'over' is a charade indicator (letters next to each other).
'beer' becomes 'jar' (I've seen this before).
'in' means one lot of letters goes inside another.
'metric weight' becomes 'kilo' (kilogram).
'imanjar' placed within 'kilo' is 'KILIMANJARO'.

'for' is the link.

(Other definitions for kilimanjaro that I've seen before include "Africa's highest peak", "Highest peak of Africa", "African mountain with snows", "Highest mountain in Africa", "Africa's highest mountain".)

I've seen this clue in The Times.
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